Why this lolo’s towels are special

Jesus Lopez selling face towels inside bus. (WJG photo)

THE usual vendors who board commuter buses sell bottled drinks, peanuts, chips, quail eggs, chicharon for hungry and thirsty passengers. Their sales pitch is simple: shouting what they sell.

But 62-year-old Jesus Lopez is quite different. He sells labakara or face towels and uses a different style of selling.

Aboard a bus plying the Las Piñas-Manila route on Thursday morning, Lopez stood up on the aisle, greeted the passengers good afternoon and introduced himself.

“Pardon me, I’m a senior citizen asking for a little help from you,” Lopez said in Filipino.

The sales talk go on with Lopez telling passengers that he is selling face towels for P10 each because he is supporting the studies of his seven children.

Lopez said the towels are similar to the ones sold in Divisoria but he would appreciate those who would buy it as the money is for a worthy cause.

Lopez, who lives in Balite II in Silang, Cavite, get off after selling several pieces of towel and would board another bus.

The old man said he also walks between Pasay and Paranaque areas selling his stuff.

Lopez’s eldest son is 22 years old and is a graduating student of Pamantasan ng Pasay. His youngest are in elementary school. He was able to pay for their education.

Seeing the fruit of his hard work, Lopez doesn’t mind selling P10 towels at his age. And this writer doesn’t mind buying one for a good cause.