Reds in rage as gov’t cancels truce, peace talks

CPP founding chairman and NDF consultant Jose Maria Sison. (Facebook grab)

PEACE Secretary Jesus Dureza announced Thursday that the scheduled ceasefire and peace talks with communist rebels on June 21 and 28, respectively, will not push through eliciting rebuke from Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chairman Jose Maria Sison.

In a press briefing, Dureza said President Rodrigo Duterte instructed the government negotiating panel to consult the people and other sectors in government before finalizing a deal with the rebels.

“There is a need to engage the public all the more and get their support before we are able to put out certain agreements with the leaders of the Communist Party of the Philippines,” Inquirer quoted the secretary as saying.

Dureza also said that peace would be sustainable and lasting if the people support and understand it.

Meanwhile, Sison expressed his frustration over the cancellation over Facebook.

In his statement posted on his Facebook page, Sison said it was frustrating as negotiators from both sides already signed agreements on June 9 and 10 for the ceasefire and talks in Norway.

“Because the GRP under Duterte is obviously not interested in serious peace negotiations, the revolutionary forces and the people have no choice but to singlemindedly wage people’s war to achieve the national and social liberation of the Filipino people,” read Sison’s post.

“It is clear to the entire people that a broad united front of all anti-Duterte forces has arisen to effect the ouster of the current regime for its crimes of treason, mass murder, drug smuggling, corruption, intolerable tax burden, inflating prices of basic goods and services, rising rate of unemployment, depreciation of the peso, onerous loans and overpriced infrastructure projects and other aggravated conditions of exploitation and oppression in the country,” added Sison.

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