Sad, broken refrain


NOW come Vice President Leni Robredo and Magdalo Party-list Rep. Gary Alejano in alternately issuing statements on their “imagined state of affairs” at the West Philippine Sea, as if that’s the only remaining issue they could ride on to keep themselves in the “minds” of the Filipinos.

Sus! Madame Vice President and Rep. Alejano, we’ve heard about your sad, broken refrain – or chorus if you may — long before. The issue will be played to death by the two of you because you know very well that it is something that cannot be solved overnight.

It is shocking to hear the Vice President describe the alleged encroachment of China on Philippine territory as the most serious external threat to the country since World War II.

How can that be Madame President? The Philippines was a battle ground already during WWII, with thousands of Filipino soldiers perishing in battles with the invading Japanese.

In fact, history tells us that after Leningrad, Manila was the most devastated city in the aftermath of the Allies vanquishing the Axis powers.  Again, how can those alleged Chinese incursions in Philippine territory be the most serious threat?

To add some credibility to her statement, she cited reports that the country is now within striking distance of nuclear-ready bombers that China supposedly put up in the South China Sea.

First of all, we are in the age of modern sophisticated technology that the world has been reduced to a mere village and that no place on planet Earth is not “within striking distance.” Every place is, Madame Vice President, within reach of ICBMs or intercontinental ballistic missiles.

And for Pete’s sake! The Chinese will not be foolish enough to “nuke” the Philippines because aside from millions of Filipinos being of ethnic Chinese descent and origin, there’s no strategic advantage to be gained from that.

Then there’s Alejano who swaggers like a maverick congressman in making the outlandish claim that  many of the people in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) are disgruntled with the way the government is tackling the WPS issue.

That’s the trouble when you have a military man blatantly meddling on civilian life and politics. In this land, the military is not supposed to have dual functions.

Why is it that military men, upon retirement, land government positions? We have plenty of career government employees who are competent but who have always ended up at the backseat, because of military men getting appointed.

The military is not supposed to mess about with politics. Its duty is to defend the nation and uphold the constitution, not issue high-sounding peroration.

Look, Cong. Alejano is saying many in the military are disgruntled with the way the government tackles the WPS issue. Does that mean they want “action”  already, Cong. Alejano?

My golly! When the government floated the idea of acquiring frigates, congress came in to question the plan. Sen. Trillanes even made some noises on the plan. Now, you and Cong. Alejano seemed too aggressive about the WPS issue.

Then, Cong. Alejano even offered that voters can reject him in the next polls if he is telling lies on WPS. Consider yourself rejected, congressman.