Protect the young


MONSIGNOR Carlo Alberto Capella, a former diplomat at the Vatican Embassy in Washington, has been indicted by a Vatican court on allegations of possession of child pornography, the Vatican announced.

In Spain, authorities arrested 24 people suspected of distributing pornographic images of children on the internet.

The arrested suspects include citizens from Britain, Ghana, Pakistan and Ecuador. Police found thousands of images of sexual abuses of minors on a British’s possession when he was arrested.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, authorities rescued five children and arrested an alleged female human trafficker in Capas City, Tarlac. Two of the five kids are children of the alleged human trafficker. The youngest victim is just six months old.

News reports like these make me wonder if people have gone crazy and heartless. How could they do these kind of acts when in fact, they are adults who should be protecting, loving and guiding the young?

If adults can’t do their part, who would? If an innocent kid is being abused by his or her own mom or dad, what can they do? Scream? Sob? Run? Hide? Nothing.

A kid can’t do a thing. A kid can’t protect him/herself until she/he reached an age where she/he can fight back to people who abused him/her and say ‘this is enough’. Or worse, she/he’ll be numb and will not give a damn anymore and probably commit suicide.

We should not let any incidents of abuses slide. If you sense that a kid is being molested or hurt, be an adult and protect them.

Be a superhero, at least in the eyes of a child.