TV | ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 episode titles revealed; new Misty Knight clip

Netflix's Marvel's Luke Cage/YouTube.

Season 2 of “Luke Cage” is set to premiere on Netflix June 22, 2018, and showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker teases the fans by revealing the full list of episode titles on his Twitter—and all 13 of them are music-inspired. The episode titles are tracks from hip-hop duo Pete Rock & CL Smooth.

Ep01: Soul Brother #1
Ep02: Straighten It Out
Ep03: Wig Out
Ep04: I Get Physical
Ep05: All Souled Out
Ep06: The Basement
Ep07: On and On
Ep08: If It Aint Rough, It Ain’t Right
Ep09: For Pete’s Sake
Ep10 :The Main Ingredient
Ep11: Creator
Ep12: Can’t Front On Me
Ep13 :They Reminisce Over You

A similar approach was done by Coker in the first season, naming each episode after a Gang Starr song.


The latest “Luke Cage” promo puts Misty Knight on the spotlight, giving us a glimpse of her new cybernetic arm. And with a caption that says “FYI. Misty’s no sidekick,” it suggests that Misty, a former NYPD police officer whose arm was amputated after a bomb attack (seen in the series finale of tie-up show “The Defenders”), is not someone anyone should be messing with.

In the Marvel series, Misty is played by 36-year-old Simone Missick, who also appears in “Iron Fist,” which is also set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).


Based on the official synopsis of the new season, Mike Colter’s Luke Cage has become a celebrity in Harlem after clearing his name. The fame, however, has put more pressure on our bulletproof-skinned hero in protecting his community, especially now that he faces a new threat, a “formidable new foe.”

In the trailer, this “formidable foe” is revealed to be the similarly bulletproof villain Bushmaster.

In Screen Rant, Colter gave insight into the writing for the second season, which was different from the first.

“We know the show now,” Colter was quoted. “We know the world that we’re in and we know sort of what works and what doesn’t work and we’re just gonna double down on that stuff, so look forward to a very exciting and very relevant and pop culture-heavy show.”

Lucy Liu was previously announced as the director of the second season premiere.