What NEDA should do to gain public trust

NEDA headquarters

1-Ang Edukasyon Party-list Representative and Assistant Majority Leader Salvador B. Belaro Jr. has advised the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) to do four things to make up for its insensitive remark about poverty.

Belaro was referring to the PowerPoint slide NEDA presented last week wherein technocrats showed that a P10,000 monthly income would be enough for an average Filipino family.

“NEDA and other government agencies must learn from this incident of communication failure and poverty sensitivity,” said Belaro.

Belaro enumerated the following as what the NEDA should do within the next days and few weeks:

1. NEDA, admit you made a mistake and tell the public how you will make it up to them to gain their trust. Issue a sincere public apology for not understanding how difficult daily life is for the poor and the middle class and for not explaining their statistics better. This apology should be made within the next few days;

2. Immerse in an urban poor community for one week to see up close how the poor do their best to make ends meet with their meager earnings. The DSWD can make this happen;

3. Rethink and revamp how they present to the news media and to the public their economic statistics. This recommendation also goes to all the government agencies that report out statistics to the public; and

4. Include in the NEDA personnel training program an annual or semi-annual course on making statistics relatable and understandable to Filipinos.

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