Elevator talk


One time, I went inside a high-rise hotel to cover an event in the upper floor. I went straight to the elevator to bypass the receptionist.

Once inside the elevator, I touched the floor button but the door won’t close. So I went out and asked the guard. It turned out that the elevator functions only when a smartcard is placed on the floor keys surface.

That elevator is the latest model with such security feature that prevents unauthorized person from accessing the building. Visitors would have to register at the reception to get a pass or be escorted to the elevator by a guard who has an access card.

There are still many elevators where you simply touch the flat number keys corresponding to the floor where you are going. Those are the models that replaced the vintage types whose keys are round black buttons with the floor indicator on top of the door instead of on the key console.

But there is an interesting elevator located in a slender three-storey tower of elevator company IEE-Mitsubishi Electric in Cupang  Muntinlupa City. Called elevator tower, it has two different types of elevator: the mechanical and computerized.

The two elevators don’t carry passengers. Instead, it is used for training IEE technicians how to install and repair elevators.

The elevator tower of IEE is the only one of its kind in the country. It is the reason why IEE elevator technicians are very good at installing and repairing elevators not only in the country but also abroad. That’s because after training, the technicians are easily pirated by foreign employers who lure them with lucrative jobs abroad, according to trainers.