No urban legend


Once there was a movie celebrity who regularly went to an upscale gym located at a then new tower in the country’s financial district. During her workout, she always had an entourage of four bodyguards provided by her billionaire boyfriend.

One day, when she entered the elevator with her bodyguards, there was an elderly woman who was already inside. The gorgeous celebrity was upset because she never wanted anyone else to ride with her.

So she gave a stern order: “Guard, can you tell this old lady to step out of the elevator?” To their surprise, the elderly woman’s swift reaction was: “Guard, tell this social climber to get out of my building!”

It turned out that the elderly lady was the chairperson of the credit institution that owned the tower. And from then on, the biatch was declared persona non grata and banned from entering the premises forever.

This story has been going around in the corporate circles since the mid-2000s. A few years back, the movie personality-turned-socialite went on record to deny this alleged incident.

But the building owner’s gym buddies  recently confirmed straight from the horse’s mouth that this was not an urban legend after all because it really happened. And the proof of the pudding is that the relatively young matron has not been sighted in the building since then.


Monkey business

EMPLOYEES of this government official’s family business had been grumbling about the shabby treatment they are getting from their boss.

The meager pay they get is bad enough, they say. What is worse is that they have been experiencing delays in getting their salaries.

Our informant say that the employees have yet to receive their pay for the 2nd half of May. And now, they are worried they might not get anything again before the 15th of June. With prices of basic commodities rising, they are really feeling the pinch.

The business may not be having a hard time. However, the boss has hit a rough patch lately: personal and legal challenges abound. But he is unfazed , apparently confident of strong support from the powers-that-be.

But that is not the concern of the employees. They wonder why they had to do endure such burden whey they are doing their tasks dutifully. Was it because their boss used business money on monkey business?

Still, many of the employees believe there is no reason why they should not be paid on time. They cited the perks the boss has been getting.

Resentment is building up against the boss. Unless their concerns are addressed it’s possible they could blow the lid on him. — RH


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