THE highly-anticipated meeting between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will finally be held in June 12th, coinciding with the Philippines’ celebration of Independence Day.

Trump’s decision to get back on talks with Kim can be attributed to the resounding calls of other world leaders to push for it — and a plus-sized letter which came from Kim himself — though Trump hadn’t read it yet.

What does the letter says? We don’t know yet, but US officials think that it “is generally a positive step in the right direction, towards a meeting between Kim and Trump.”

Given the circumstance that Trump and Kim would meet, what issues are they going to talk about? Will Trump insist on the complete denuclearization of Pyongyang in exchange of the US cancelling the sanctions it imposed on North Korea? Or — like would strangers do — they would test the waters first before opening up their concerns?

But that is unlikely of Trump. He is a straightforward kind of guy, knowing that he has the leverage in every aspect – economically and politically – which is a complete opposite of what Kim has on his hands.

Kim is just a leader of one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world although he has great guts to stand strong against leaders of wealthier countries.

Well, we would not really know what will happen at this point. But one thing is certain: If the two countries will finally reconcile, the possibility of a nuclear war won’t happen and the trash talking would finally end.

But as of the moment, everything is unpredictable.