IN a surprise turn of events, around 300 members of the Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) have turned their backs on the controversial group.

Saying  they’re  fed up with being manipulated, used and abused, these Kadamay members have called it quits after bringing into the open the alleged corrupt practices of the pro-urban poor organization.

The revelations of these disgruntled Kadamay members are not without merit, considering  that they were at the frontlines when they occupied the housing units in Pandi, Bulacan.

Reports said  the former members of the group allegedly threw their Kadamay identification cards to the ground and stomped on them while chanting President Rodrigo Duterte’s name.

That was in stark contrast to what they were chanting long ago, when they were screaming at the top of their lungs the government’s alleged inaction on their desire to get  out of poverty and to improve their lives.

As it turned out, those protests were mostly staged, as members of the breakaway group revealed that they were  forced to join protest actions which were mostly aimed at Duterte. The worst part of it was that the group was turned into a milking cow by Kadamay officials, said those who broke away from Kadamay.

“Yung sinisingil po kami ng 150, 200, 300, makapag-rally lang po. Hindi libre, kami pa po ang nagbabayad noon,” a former member revealed to an online news site.

Of course, Kadamay officials  shrugged off the reported exodus, denied the corruption allegations and then tried to turn the tables on the breakaway group, saying that the latter was the one involved in anomalies.

A leader of the Kadamay group was even quoted as saying, “hindi tinotolerate ng organisasyong Kadamay ang ganitong mga taong nagtitiwalag at nilalabag ang batas.”

One thing is clear in all of this:  There will always be those people who will take advantage of the miseries of others because of poverty. We are hoping that the government will look into this incident and get to the bottom of this controversy.

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