Daily Tribune under new management hits newsstands

GETTING HIS DAILY DOSE. Michael Pingol, 23, says "in the digital age, reading a newspaper like the Tribune in paper and ink has its old-school charms. It is tactile and immersive in a way no VR device can approximate."

“INDAY SARA, Bong Go in steady 2019 climb.”

With that banner story, the first issue of the Daily Tribune under a new management rolled hot off the presses on Friday, June 1, 2018, to herald a new era in investigative journalism nearly two decades since it first saw print.

Its layout now clean but vibrant, readers of the new Daily Tribune can expect dynamic changes in the weeks to come – some subtle, some dramatic, but all designed and intended to make the paper a joy to read from cover to cover.

Be well informed with the Tribune’s in-depth news and special reports and dispatches from all over the world. Be a critical thinker with the Tribune’s incisive editorials and thought-provoking column pieces, including from Concept Central’s own Ernesto Hilario and, of course, Tribune’s Founding Chair, Ms. Ninez Cacho-Olivarez.

CHANGES to come to make reading the Tribune a blast.
CHANGES to come to make reading the Tribune a blast.

And whether you want your daily doses of Sports and Lifestyle pieces, the new Daily Tribune is the paper to have in print and, soon enough, via a revitalized digital or online platform on your computers, tablets and mobile phones.

The Daily Tribune staff box lists Willie Fernandez as Publisher and President, Ms. Patricia Ramos as Board Chair, Crispin G. Martinez as Executive Editor, Chito Lozada as Managing Editor, and Dinah Ventura and Aldrin Cardona as Associate Editors.

Jaimes R.C. Sumbilon is Central Deskman, while Komfie Manalo is lead man on Special Reports.

Tribune online up soon

In the interim that Tribune’s website is being restructured, Concept News Central, as its sister publication, is carrying select stories from the Tribune starting today until its own online platform comes to life.

Today’s front page — aside from its banner story reporting the rise of President Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter Inday Sara and trusted aide Secretary Bong Go in the senatorial surveys for next year’s elections — also features a sports fans’ must-read story on the matchups, strategies and odds on the titanic NBA Finals clash between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

Active on the live band scene while dabbling in painting, Cardona, who said “we are excited with the changes expected of the Tribune after 18 years, doubles as Sports Editor, with Julius Manicad as his very able sidekick.

In glorious color

Ms. Ventura is also Lifestyle Editor whose section Life on Page 16 delights with the full-color feature “Tradition and tourism merge in Tagbilaran City celebration” written and photographed by Assistant Editor Roel Hoang Manipon.

Elsewhere, the Tribune’s Business Section, with Mario Fetalino, Jr. as Assistant Editor, reports on such stories as retail bonds being offered to the public and government being urged to fight counterfeit seeds.

Grab a copy of the new Daily Tribune from your favorite newsstand or newsboy or subscribe now. The new Daily Tribune, the future right here right now with its credo: “Without Fear. Without Favor.”

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