My humps, my humps


THIS local female celebrity visited Mr. Pure Energy Garry Valenciano in the hospital where the latter was recuperating from surgery to clear an artery that was 95 percent blocked.

She herself had a medical schedule in the same medical center for an ultrasound on her neck where she had a lipoma surgery years back.

Her problem was something was still left from that surgery and she said it makes her back look uneven.

She said she’s a Vilmanian but that she doesn’t relish remaking Vilma’s Kampanerang Kuba sporting a real hump –- not the kind which Fergie sang about during her Blackeyed Peas days.

The actress was initially distraught seeing Gary being so “low-batt” but she reckoned that if Gary can perform with so much energy with a blocked artery what more after he’s fully recovered and with blood flowing freely in his body.

Guessing who local female celebrity should not be so hard: She reunited with an ex but only to do a burger commercial shoot.   — JhD

Try and try again?

A sought-after character actress, who started her career as a teen sensation before becoming known for mainstream skin flicks, is making headlines again for her alleged affair with a government official.

Nothing wrong with that except the government official is, according to the kibitzer in the know, is either reportedly engaged or already married. The actress, on the other hand, was until early this year in a relationship with another government official with whom she has a child. As a matter of fact, she and her now former partner are supposed to be trying for another baby.

In any case, the affair was discovered by the partner of a government official in the most unexpected manner. Turns out government official’s partner is a friend of character actress and the former discovered the alleged affair when she found out that her partner and friend are, unbeknownst to her, “textmates.”

When the partner of government official read her darling’s text messages to character actress, that was more than enough to spark a confrontation. In any case, the actress has reportedly denied her romantic liaison with government official.

For some reason, the actress appears too vulnerable to hard luck when it comes to relationships. Her previous relationship with that other government official was the cause of a longtime feud with another actress who was also her close friend. – MS


This upscale suburban subdivision is very refreshing and tranquil with its nature-rich surrounding. Unknown to residents, the peaceful living they are enjoying in that community is the product of an on-and-off discord and tension between the developer’s boss and his executives, who always argue over the design and pricing of their real estate projects.

In fact, the subdivision almost never came to a reality as the boss did not want to pursue it when his and the execs’ terms differed. He wouldn’t compromise and always threatened to resign. The execs always succumbed to the boss’ tantrums and he would always have his way.

Fortunately, the beautiful subdivision was a sell-out and the developer is replicating the project. The house and lot in the new residential community to be constructed is as pricey as those in the sold-out subdivision. The design and pricing was also as tantrum-marred as the previous one with the temperamental boss also ending up getting his wishes.

The boss is the son of a medicine magnate and his late father exposed him to real estate when he was still a child. He resigned from the family corporation several times but his return bodes well for the family business. — TN