Desk killing


IN the not so distant future, human workers will be replaced by robots or artificial intelligence (AI).

That’s the warning of Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia to workers in the BPO sector. However, call center agents are not the only employees on the target range.

We too, in the service, manufacturing, telecommunications industry, will have the same fate as them – we will be jobless several years from now due to the fast-paced innovation of technology and ‘hiring’ of AIs rather than human workers.

As of the moment, we are much amazed by how technologies are improving over time – but it is not impossible to think that it could be a threat in the long run. Desk killing is actually slowly taking place – whether we know it or not – but the sad part is, we were warned about it 200 years ago.

We never listened and instead, we became amused on how Google Assistant, Siri, and other artificially intelligent software are making our lives easier.

We are to be blamed for letting these developments happen before our eyes, but let me clarify this — my views about the developments of technology are not all in the negative side.

But, this is the time where we should be critical on such developments.

If we will let AIs be on our seats this early, then don’t be surprised if we wake up one day in a world where technologies that we used to control are the ones that are controlling us and eventually taking over.

How we act now will decide the future — that is, the lives of our children and their children and their children’s children.

So, what now? Should we let robots rule over us? It’s our call.

But for the moment, let me check Google.