Could PH Rise be part of a lost continent?


GREEK philosopher Plato’s mention of Atlantis in his dialogues spawned the myth of the advanced civilization that sank in the Atlantic Ocean some 11,000 years ago. The Atlantis’ Pacific version is Mu, according to British occult writer James Churchward.

Assuming that Mu did exist and based on the description of Churchward, wherein the landmass stretched from Easter Island up to Marianas Island, could the Philippine Rise be part of this lost continent? A Japanese scientist, Masaaki Kimura, also believes that certain underwater features of Japan’s Yonaguni Island are ruins of Mu.

Could the underwater plateau formerly called Benham Rise also be ruins from Mu? If this is so, and since the Rise is part of the Philippines, then it’s possible that the ancient inhabitants of the Philippines belonged to advanced races like the pyramid-building Egyptians and Mayans in the Americas. Churchward said the ancient Egyptians and Mayans were descendants of the original inhabitants of Mu.

But, of course, that would take a lot of archeological evidence to be believed.

Churchward said Mu rose from volcanic eruption in the ocean. Theosophist William Scott-Elliot claimed that Mu started disappearing from a cataclysm 800,000 years ago until it was completely gone more than 9,500 years ago.

With the intensified exploration of the Philippine Rise today, that vast underwater plateau might yield discoveries more interesting than fossil fuel. It may hold secrets from the lost continent of Mu.