To sir, with love


IS IT TRUE that something was going on between this high-ranking public official and his lady subordinate?

The top honcho is keeping a low profile despite a considerable time of public service and a life steeped in politics.

It would not be surprising for this top official, or any red-blooded male for that matter, to be attracted to the subordinate. Why? Because she not only possesses the looks and the charm, she also has brains to boot.

She was ushered into the limelight during a historic event severak years back, which eventually catapulted her to public service.

Tongues were wagging though that she and her boss were seen to have become too close for comfort to each other. Such closeness, our sources told us, developed during out-of-town trips they were together.

And it so happens that the mandate of the high-ranking official requires him to have frequent trips in various places of the country.

The catch is that both were already tied to different partners. In fact, we were told that the wife of the high-ranking official has already gotten suspicious.

No, it’s not just mere women’s intuition! Social media postings also buttressed the wife’s suspicions, so we were told.

And then there was this talk going on that the love-struck official even gifted the subordinate with a car. Not just one, but two! Nothing flashy though, so as not to attract attention.

The embattled missus—who is also a public official–could probably heave a sigh of relief now.

A recent development would provide distance–at least physical distance –between the top official and the lady in question.

As to whether this is enough to extinguish the flame between the two, your guess is as good as mine. — RH

Take 2

A new channel will soon be launched by a broadcasting network to replace its venture with a global media giant. Their partnership was short-lived, and the reason given for not renewing the franchise was the high licensing cost involved.

Despite the high quality of its local content and the popularity of many syndicated shows from its foreign affiliates, the channel failed to attract enough ad revenues to sustain its programming.

Industry insiders believe it never took off commercially due to the head honcho’s insistence that the channel should exclusively be aired on the cable network owned by the same conglomerate. They said it could have been successful as a free-TV channel or carried also by other cable providers.

If this business model is still being applied to the successor channel, how will it survive the competition from more established rivals? – PML

Obnoxious actress

THIS promising teen actress has been making headlines as of late and not necessarily for the right reasons.

Career-wise, what started out as an eventful 2018 for her suddenly turned kaput after she departed from a still relatively new prime time teleserye where she was billed as one of the leads.

The creators of the show and the actress said all the right things in explaining her exit in the show which suggests that it was merely a creative decision. There were also speculations that she is not easy to get along with which was further magnified after her recent not-so-pleasant episode with members of the media and the blogging community.

Although she managed to patch things up, the focus has now shifted to her personal life as there are no upcoming film or television projects for her in the horizon.

The equally controversial young actor who she was last romantically linked with has distanced himself from her telling fellow netizens on social media that they are not together which technically is correct since they never admitted to being an item.

However, when she was recently asked about it, young actress admitted that she and controversial young actor have parted ways and that she has moved on. Now she is being linked with a rising young celebrity who, like the ex she never admitted to being in a relationship with, is also the offspring of showbiz parents.

Although the parents of rising young celebrity have yet to comment on the current apple of their son’s eye, the buzz is that fans are disapproving of the budding relationship between the two. — MS