Haters’ hangout


IF YOU know that a particular place is a favorite hangout of racists and terrorists, you would probably stay away from it to avoid harm. But would you really avoid such place if it is Facebook?

Probably not. And that is why thousands of racists and terrorists continue to flock to the social media bullying and threatening other Facebooks users not to harm them but, subliminally, to induce them to become like them so they would be brainwashed or radicalized into inflicting hate and violence to others.

Just how dangerous is Facebook as a hangout of racists and terrorists?

In the first quarter of this year, Facebook reported identifying 1.9 million posts containing terrorist propaganda. That figure is 73 percent up from the previous quarter.

Facebook claimed it took action against all those posts before any alert was raised.

Against racists, Facebook was even busier guarding. The number one social media with about one billion users identified 2.5 million pieces of hate speech content in the first quarter. The figure was 56 percent more than that recorded from October to December last year.

About 38 percent of the hate speech posts was detected by Facebook and the rest reported by users.

Facebook has no record of how such hate speech and terrorist propaganda posts have induced other users to act out what they heard and saw from the haters and terrorism propagandists.

With such amount of hate speech and terrorist propaganda, not to mention 3.4 million posts containing graphic violence, overflowing from Facebook, is it a safe online hangout for children and the gullible?

Is Facebook an incubator for racism and extremism? Is it a breeding ground for violent individuals and criminals?

Facebook touted its artificial intelligence and photo detection technology in detecting nearly 30 million posts containing sexual or violent images, terrorist propaganda or hate speech during the first quarter. After detecting the inappropriate posts, its only actions were to remove them and warn the users who posted them. But are those enough in preventing users from acting out what the haters and propagandists are suggesting to them?

Day in and day out, Facebook staff are preoccupied with policing the platform but the haters and radicalists seem to be getting more prolific and keeping them busier. Even if there are more wholesome posts on Facebook than “evil” posts, the social media still pose danger to many thrill-seeking, unsupervised or misguided users. Now, will Facebook take responsibility if things get out of hand and harm anyone?

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