All is well


LOST in the frenzy of the May 14 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections is a piece of good news on the lifting of the deployment ban of workers to Kuwait.

The partial lifting of the deployment ban was done a day after the conduct of the election and it became effective the very same day. Eventually, the total ban was lifted.

The recruitment sector and migrant workers as well hailed the signing of the agreement between the Philippines and Kuwait to protect the Filipino workers in the Gulf state.

Such a development not only showed the government’s real and overwhelming concern for the thousands of overseas Filipino workers, not only in Kuwait, but also in other Middle East countries.

At the same time, the signing of an agreement coupled with the lifting of the deployment ban could lead to the full resumption of harmonious relation between the Philippines and Kuwait.

After all, the two countries need each other: the Philippines recognizes and values very well the jobs provided by Kuwait to the Filipinos in various capacities, thereby alleviating employment concerns back home.

Not only that. The dollar remittances of these OFWs contribute significantly to the economy that’s now considered one of the fastest-growing in the region.

Kuwait, in turn, gains even more because their preference for Filipinos to be their partners benefits them as well, since Filipinos are adaptable to any job, however difficult they may be, because of our resiliency.

As ‘all is well that ends well’ for Philippines and Kuwait, it is important, however, that both parties live up to the agreement or all efforts will go down the drain.

p: wjg