Justice for Dr. Hernando

CRIMES are ghastly occurrences people think are only seen on TV, heard on radio or read on newspapers until – heaven forbids – they victimize someone close at home or someone you personally know.
It was with utmost sadness and shock that I received the news from my daughter that her professor last year in the College of Dentistry of the University of the Philippines (UP) Manila, Dr. Harivelle Charmaine Tapaoan Hernando, 62, was killed this week.
Also the dean of the medical school of the University of Perpetual Help, the good doctor had an agreement with Harvard University to donate her body for medical exploration in the event of her demise.
Doctor Hernando specialized in Harvard and she was a distinguished anaesthesiologist when some lowlife decided to snuff her life by stabbing her in the bedroom of the house where she lived only with a maid.
A former driver she fired for allegedly using drugs is being located by the police as a person of interest, same as the maid.
The police have their work cut out for them. They must do everything to bring the perpetrator/s behind this cold-blooded murder behind bars.
It is only now that I saw Dr. Hernando, through the picture that accompanied the story on her murder. Nonetheless, I have always thought that I knew her deeply from the stories my daughter tell me about her professors when we go home together.
Rest in peace, Charmaine.