Quality Time

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WHILE it is important for parents to work hard to provide for the needs of their children and give them a bright future, it is equally important to spend quality time with them.

In our modern, competitive and demanding world, parents like me have to devote most of their time to work.

Both I and my wife are working. In my case, my work even demands that I to go out of town on weekends in these last few months. On several occasions, my wife had to work on Sundays due to production demands.

To complicate matters, two of my youngest children have their ballet classes on Saturdays and Sundays, giving us very little time to be together as a family.

That is why when opportunity presented itself, I and my wife filed for leave to spend time with our children. Instead of going to beach or swimming at a resort, we opted instead to go to Baguio City.

It was the first time our children had visited the place. It’s not the Baguio I had known. There were lesser pine trees, a little bit warmer than usual, and the traffic is similar to Manila.

But we can see our kids were enjoying their first visit to Baguio, as we visited the known tourists spots.

It was physically demanding. I was their driver, travel guide and photographer.

But it was all worth it. I know that they will never forget the time we spent together in Baguio.

In a word, the time we spent together at the country’s summer capital: precious.

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