Ever heard of crime suspects being grilled online?


LOOK ! Even the interrogation process among criminal suspects in Ras Al Khaimah is being conducted online This means detainees  no longer need to appear in person before the prosecutors in this emirate.

The RAK prosecutors  interrogate detainees via video conference, which cuts the entire procedure from eight hours to less than an hour, according to a top official.

Attorney General Hassan Mohaimed said the smart room helps to connect the public prosecution with the punitive and correctional institution and all police stations in the northern emirate.

The RAK attorney-general added that detainees at the RAK prisons can submit their complaint while the prosecutors and judges can extend the detention through this virtual service instead of having them to appear in person at the prosecution premises.

The RAK public prosecution revealed that 19 of its services have become smart at its self-service happiness center.

Lawsuits are to be looked into and processed through smart rooms soon, he disclosed. “This is actually part of the third phase of the project that will help expedite the processing of cases by 50 percent.”

“The sophisticated kiosks, accessible at the centre, are opened during the working hours. Customers can also avail a copy of an e-predicament sheet and have access to e-signature,” he added.

Customers may also fill an e-application to collect their passports, and get a copy of a judgment. “The kiosks are also fitted with HD cameras, a scanner, printer, ID card reader, and fingerprint identifier.”

The punitive and correctional institution had earlier permitted video communication between the inmates and their families.