Quo warranto conundrum

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TODAY the verdict of the Supreme Court on the disqualification case filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida versus Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno will be known right after the highest judicial body votes on it, according to SC insiders.

The Philippine judiciary will never be the same again, and that applies also to the executive and legislative branches.

From hereon, no public official — whether elected or appointed, impeachable or not — will be safe from similar lawsuits.

A “foregone conclusion” and a “done deal” is what those in the know say about this landmark decision. They are confident that the chief magistrate of the land will be kicked out by her own peers.

However, a multi-sectoral group believes that granting Calida’s quo warranto petition, filed way beyond the one-year deadline, is illegal and tantamount to a betrayal of democracy.

In a two-page newspaper ad last week, they pointed out that the Philippine Constitution is being trampled upon and Sereno’s right to due process has been violated.

Signatories to the online manifesto came from a wide spectrum of Philippine society, and not just the usual “dilawan” or “pulahan” rabble- rousers.

One thing is sure: this verdict will reverberate throughout the country and would have far-reaching repercussions on the 2019 midterm elections all the way to 2022.

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