Playing with fire


THE Filipino-Chinese wedding of the year, which was supposed to take place this month, has been called off. Not only because the venue was set in Boracay, now closed for six months.

Binondo insiders are abuzz with talk that the groom — scion of a billionaire in the food and personal hygiene business — caught his bride-to-be having an affair with a fellow Tsinoy. And this was not the first time it happened.

This estranged couple studied in exclusive Catholic schools adjacent to each other in the Greenhills area. The other guy in the love triangle was a schoolmate of the groom.

Too bad his ex-future wife, who’s from a middle-class family, will no longer be part of a super-rich clan whose flagship company used to be listed in the stock exchange. –PML

Beh-beh gondah2?

WHO is this young actor who so convincingly played the role of a transsexual in a telenovela that he is now suspected of being gay or at least being a bisexual in real life?

He is not coming out of the closet anytime soon though as he is said to be actively looking for a girlfriend to stop all the nasty talks of him being green blooded.

Who can be the lucky (lucky? really?) girl who may end up propping the questioned masculinity of chinito actor? Do we see a long line forming? Shades of beh-beh gondah?

— JhD

Powder keg

It seems there’s more than meets the eye in the controversy raging in this government agency. The resulting frenzied public and media outcry over a questionable deal has already taken a heavy toll on the agency.

But according to our sources, aside from the questionable transaction, there are other juicy deals that the key players were involved in.

Word is circulating in the grapevine that the relatives of a high-ranking official were also getting hefty percentages in projects related to the mission of their relative’s agency.

The scheme was taken directly from an old playbook: name select contractors to do the project and get their cut.

While there is no definite proof yet of this allegation, we are also mindful of the old adage: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

It’s a neat trick actually: difficult to trace and prove. There are no paper trails pointing to the culprits — unless someone directly involved decides to spill the beans.

But recent developments indicate their happy days will soon be over.

It reminds us of the wise counsel attributed to a Persian sage who reminded his King of the ephemeral nature of power, influence and even human conditions of joy and sadness: “This too shall pass.”  — RH

‘Doble-cara’ filmmaker

This legendary filmmaker has been very vocal about his disdain for a former president. As a matter of fact, he said that he made his comeback film after years of being a recluse because, among other things, he wanted to remind the current generation of that previous administration’s excesses so that they too can say, well, never again.

Relatively new to social media, this director has also been fiercely taking to task just about anyone who goes against his views or has something critical to say about his latest film. His contempt towards that past leader is such that the former’s whole family is not spared from his tirades.

But this filmmaker has also benefited from the regime he so despises. His career flourished during that period and one of his classic films was, in fact, bankrolled by a producer known to be close to the family of the former president. — MS

That CHED memo

A university administrative staff member could not help but complain about a new memo from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that requires universities to enter into a memorandum of agreement with companies where its students will undertake internship.

The staff is wondering who was the bureaucrat behind the memo for the inconvenience and man hours it is now saddling school administrators in negotiating internship MOAs with companies.

The staff said he has to spend one or two hours waiting in different offices just to talk to company officials about the useless internship MOA. — WG