Fish price hike feared after fishkill


THE estimated P17 million worth of cultured bangus and tilapia that were lost in a fishkill in Obando, Bulacan is expected to increase prices of fish in nearby markets, including in Navotas fishport and Pampanga.

Since Sunday morning, tons of bangus and tilapia floated from 100 hectares of fishpens in seven of Obando’s coastal barangays namely Pag-asa, Pangulo, Paliwas, San Pascual, Pulo, Paco and Tawiran.

Fishpen caretakers blamed the fishkill to an earthquake and changing weather. One caretaker told PNA he saw the water bubbled and then all the fish, which cost P3 million to breed, were gone.

Another caretaker said fish feeds and bread that sank in the bottom of the fishpens were disturbed by the earthquake and its acidity mixed with the water killing the fish. He also blamed water pollution from waste as the cause of the fishkill.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said sudden changes in water temperature can kill fish. The earthquake also caused a lack of dissolved oxygen that killed the fish.