Sound bites


FILIPINOS love a good joke

According to recent studies and researches, at least 80 percent of the people will believe anything they read as long as it opens with a statement that goes “According to recent studies and researches.” See what I did here?


If you got the pun, then well and good, your mind can process a bit of a stretched joke. But if you didn’t, there can be two possible reasons  why. One, you did not read, and two, you just can’t read.

But for all intents and purposes, Filipinos are a tough audience for comedians. Getting the timing right and the materials you use should be able to at least, well, tickle the imagination of the Pinoy folk.

A good joke is one thing, but filing a bill that seeks to gag videoke singers in residential areas on ungodly hours, that’s entirely a different scourge for song-loving Filipinos.

The House Committee on Public Order and Safety recently approved the creation of a technical working group to deliberate on the bill prohibiting the playing, operating or permitting of any radio, CD player, television set, amplified musical instrument, loudspeaker videoke or karaoke system, or other sound amplifying equipment in residential communities between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

The group will discuss the bill authored by Rep. Angelina Tan, MD, which seeks to tackle noise pollution and unnecessary disturbances to the public produced by sound amplifying equipment in residential areas. Noise or sound pollution is defined as any exposure of people or even animals to sound levels that are annoying, stressful or damaging to the ears.

Now, if we look at it objectively, this may be a sound idea, because if you ask me, who in their right minds would not be bothered when someone belts out Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” at full blast while you try to get some sleep?

Pinoys love singing, and we have already proven that Filipinos are exceptional when it comes to singing, be it in local and international competitions and we have earned accolades worldwide.

But a drunk group singing different versions of “My Way” consecutively in your neighborhood? That’s certainly not chocolate for the ears and sometimes, things can lead to a deadly turn.

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