Taking initiative to know federalism


THE latest Pulse Asia survey showed that 64 percent of Filipinos opposed amending the Constitution and only 23 percent favored it. The number of those who oppose charter change increased 20 percentage points from 44 percent in July 2016, while the number of supporters fell 14 points from 37 percent.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, the number one advocate of revising the Constitution and system of government to federal from the current unitary, reacted to the survey results by saying that Filipinos lack understanding of the constitutional reforms and suggested that the government should make extra effort to educate the public about it.

The Duterte administration agrees that more work needs to be done in reaching out and educating the public on cha-cha and federalism.

However, it should not only be the lawmakers and government officials who should act. All citizens have the responsibility to understand why the Constitution and system of government should be overhauled as such political reforms are for everyone’s sake. More importantly, a new Constitution and right government setup are for the sake of all our children so they can have a better future through a better country.

Alvarez and supporters of Cha-cha and federalism in Congress and other branches of government are already doing their part and giving their all in sharing the wisdom of the political reforms. The only missing participant in the multi-sectoral effort are the people themselves.

All citizens have a role in nation-building. For those who are not yet familiar with cha-cha and federalism, they should take the initiative to know why the Constitution needs to be amended and why federalism is the right system for governing the country. They should not be passive and wait for the information to arrive at their doorstep.

If the people don’t take time to learn federalism, they are not making themselves well-informed and wasting what could be the best opportunity to make everything in this country work right.

We all make great efforts and sacrifices to send our children to school because we all believe that education would make their lives better. Why can’t we do the same for ourselves and devote time to knowing cha-cha and federalism just to be well-informed about a political reform that could very well be what all Filipinos deserve and could make this nation great.