GSW vs Boston Celtics?


IT’S that time of the year when Filipino hoops addicts wake up early or even take a leave from work to watch the NBA playoffs live on cable or online streaming.

For the longest time, I’ve been rooting for the Boston Celtics — even during their Dark Ages in the 1990s. While most Pinoys of a certain age are fans of either the LA Lakers or the Chicago Bulls, I have stayed loyal to a team that has had no superstar since the Larry Bird era when the Celtics dominated the world’s top basketball league.

In the 21st century, Boston has won the championship only once, and that was in 2008. Every time they did not make it to the NBA finals, I cheered instead for whoever represented the Eastern Conference.

Not until the Golden State Warriors became ascendant starting with the 2014-2015 season. This was a Western super-team I could relate to, with level-headed stars like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant so unlike the egotistic hype beast of their rival Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James.

But in the current season that is about to end, what if my all-time favorite Celtics make it to the finals against my other fav team GSW?

Probably I’ll have to stay neutral and just enjoy the championship series, confident that whoever wins would have my backing.

p: wjg