‘Endo’ prevalent in PH gov’t


UNKNOWN to the general public, the Philippine government is the biggest ‘endo’ employer in the country. Millions of workers in the national government agencies and local government units are actually “contract of service” or “job order” personnel – in other words, casuals.

They do not get the compensation and benefits that those in the “plantilla” of regular government employees receive. Without leave credits, they have to abide by the “no-work, no-pay” policy similar to daily wage earners who suffer every time there is a holiday.

Like their counterparts in the private sector, these ‘endo’ workers in government have contracts that range from one month to five-and-a-half months, which may be renewed for similar lengths of time to avoid regularization.

Pro-Duterte journo Jojo Robles pointed out in his Manila Times column that the government is “by far, the biggest violator of laws that prevent ‘end of contract’ and labor-only contracting.”

He said these agencies “purposely keep hundreds of thousands of regular ‘plantilla’ positions vacant in order to declare the money left over from hiring people as savings, which will then be distributed at the end of the year as ‘bonuses’ to (no surprise here) all regular employees.”

So why does the Department of Labor and Employment pick on private corporations instead of starting in its own backyard, or front yard for that matter?

Good thing the President has certified as urgent a Senate bill mandating security of tenure for workers. Otherwise his signing of an executive order banning the prevalent practice of ‘endo’ would be rendered toothless.