Let the guessing game begin!


IF YOU’RE into whodunits and mental calisthenics, then we have a treat for you starting today and every Wednesday thereafter. It’s Whisper Blower, folks.

With salacious tales of who’s doing what or doing what to whom, no topic is off limits and no cow is sacred enough not to be milked for every juicy drop of scandal and whatnot.

Whether corporate or showbiz or politics, Whisper Blower will have them all and we’ll have you scratching your noggin trying to figure out the personalities involved.

So, without further ado, let’s start the guessing game. Drum roll please.  – John Henry Dodson

Liquidity problems?

WHO would believe that this food and beverage behemoth is already six months behind in paying for equipment purchased, and that its sub-contractors are having difficulties collecting?

The corporate giant is very visible in the market and it has regularly posted hefty incomes that it’s unthinkable it would be having liquidity problems.

This may not be the case of being in financial straits at all but rather a shift in payment policies and strategies for the company. Just the same, the late payments taint the behemoth’s business image.

The poor dealer of the equipment is now being badgered by his/her own bosses to collect in full without the “staggered” payment scheme now being forced on them by the giant.

But what could be behind this issue? A recent purchase by the giant of a company that has absolutely nothing to do with the food and beverage business? Inquiring minds want to know. –– JhD

Estranged BFFs

These legendary OPM singer-songwriters are known to have been close friends since their college days. Together, they made beautiful music together and collaborated on some of the classic OPM tunes that generations have come to love and sing-along with.

But that was until they decided to terminate their “partnership” and go their separate ways. Since then, the two gentlemen were rarely seen in public together and are considered by industry insiders as “estranged.”

Aside from being true to their music, the OPM legends are also known to be passionate when it comes to politics. It is not known if their respective political beliefs have anything to do with their so-called falling out, the two have been known to be identified with opposing political forces in recent years.

One has always been a vocal supporter of the previous administration and a harsh critic of the current one while the other, has, in recent years, thrown his support to the present government.

Because of their clashing convictions, it is also not surprising that the two are also not friends on their respective social media pages. But while the two have been critical of the other’s favored leader and its followers, they never actually publicly attacked each other.

Until recently. That was when one of the legendary artists castigated people who alienate their own friends who don’t subscribe to their own beliefs, which not a few have interpreted as an aside to his old friend and former musical partner.

While the other has yet to directly respond or even allude to his friend’s remark, sources believe that it’s only a matter of time before their estrangement becomes a full blown public feud.  — MS

Bad-mouthing principals

Still on the OPM legends, one of them was originally part of the previous administration and even claimed credit for the “no wang-wang” policy pronouncement in PNoy’s inauguration speech.

He was also a consultant for a huge mining project in the South where he got paid 7 digits per month for a couple of years, enough to buy his own building near the country’s top broadcast networks.

But his foreign principals found out he was bad-mouthing them among the indigenous peoples whom he was supposed to bring to the miners’ side. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, so his lucrative contract was not renewed.  —  PML

Not seeking re-election

A local official in the South is giving up his post. He is not seeking re-election in the 2019 mid-term polls. Instead, he plans on running for a seat in Congress.

What prompted his decision, according to our sources, is that incumbent lawmakers in his area of jurisdiction have cornered for themselves all the budgets for  infrastructure projects.

The funds do not actually go through the hands of the lawmakers. But according to our informants the solons have insisted on the prerogative to identify the government projects in the area.

Why they want that, your guess is as good as mine?

What remained in the control of this local official is his regular budget for operation of the local government and salaries of employees.

It appears the local official has no desire to provoke a war of attrition with the lawmakers, a war that he isn’t likely to win.

Or maybe he just really wants to return to the Legislature?

In fact, our sources tell us that when the Duterte administration came into power this local official offered to step down. However, he was told to stay put.

Now, he really wants out. He is leaving it to his successor to address the problem of funding for projects with the lawmakers. — RH

Cabinet misogynist

SINO itong miyembro ng gabinete na dating pinuno ng isang kulto sa may bandang katimugan ng Luzon?

Inimbita n’ya ang apat na babaeng estudyante ng UP Graduate School na dumalo sa isang ritwal na pinamagatang “Ang Diyos ay Babae Din.” Kinilabutan ang mga estudyante nang nakita nilang kinakausap ng kulto ang kanilang diyos sa pamamagitan ng “spirit of the glass.”

Fast forward to 2017: binansagang “misogynist” iyong cabinet secretary na ‘to dahil sa kanyang malalaswang pamamahayag. Clue: Hindi siya pinuno ng isang ahensiya pero grabeng umasta daig pa ang Pangulo. (Kwento galing sa isa sa apat na UP students na naging miyembro ng media)  — PML


PDOS center losing attendees

An official of a company conducting pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS) for household service workers (HSWs) being sent to the Middle East is grumbling about the diplomatic rift between the Philippines and Kuwait and the government’s ban on deployment of workers to the emirate.

The official said the number of Kuwait-bound HSWs attending their PDOS in Manila has declined. “Humina ang PDOS attendees,” according to the official.

The official is now worried because of the lost business opportunities of their PDOS center as Kuwait is next to Saudi Arabia in terms of number of HSW hires and PDOS attendees. —  TN