Cold war vestige


WHO would have thought that the Korean War is finally coming to an end after 65 years? This last vestige of the Cold War era is now a thing of the past — something that was unimaginable just months ago when the two erstwhile adversaries in the Korean Peninsula were on the verge of a nuclear holocaust.

Indeed, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have done the impossible by convening a historic summit at the demilitarized zone last week. They vowed to pursue not only a permanent peace, but more significantly, the total denuclearization of the divided peninsula.

The sight of them embracing each other, holding hands while walking across each other’s borders, and sharing jokes like BFFs are spectacles that the whole world never expected.

Kim and Moon deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize if they carry out their commitment to a peaceful and lasting resolution of the inter-Korean conflict.

Now, if only our leaders could take the cue and put an end to the decades-long communist and secessionist insurgencies in our land.