El Gimikero


I used to write for a glossy magazine published by Summit Media during its heydays. It was the localized edition of a trade publication catering to aspiring business owners.

When the Gokongwei-owned firm announced the closure of its print division recently, it signaled the end of an era and a wave of nostalgia engulfed me.

One of the perks of writing for that publication was getting invited to the events of its sister magazine, FHM Philippines, and meeting the featured models up close.

Of course the annual highlight was the unveiling of the 100 Sexiest Filipinas in the flesh, which they discontinued starting last year for some altruistic reason.

The raunchiest column during FHM’s early years was “The Adventures of El Gimikero” — the ultimate guide to the country’s red-hot destinations.

Too hot, in fact, that it had to be scrapped eventually so as not to offend the sensibilities of moralists.

But lately, the online version of FHM has revived a tamer version of this column. It’s appropriately callled “The Son of El Gimikero.”

Millennial guys can now experience what their kuyas and titos vicariously did almost a generation ago, thanks to El Gimikero’s progeny.

p: wjg