REVIEW | ‘Status Update’ stereotypical but hilarious


“Status Update” follows the usual teen-comedy film culture: jocks, nerds, mean girls, oddball teachers. The stereotypical portrait of American high school life is nothing new—but this movie spices up the details with riotous comedy and fantasy, and a moral lesson that may not change your attitude about life, but will surely entertain you.


We are all drawn to the idea of a magic lamp—the genie making your wishes come true. The same fantasy is utilized in “Status Update” in the form of a magic app. So relevant. Desperate for social media praises by posting a fake image you want to project? In this movie, your status update actually comes true. If you post “I’m a classically trained singer,” then boom! Open your mouth and you’re Luciano Pavarotti. It sounds corny, but this movie makes cheesy and corny funny.

Kyle Moore (Ross Lynch), a California dude with a typical beach-blonde surfer hair, is the new student in his Connecticut high school. High school is tough, family life is tough. It’s hard enough to survive the hostile new school; what more would it take for him to fit in?

The solution to his teenage problems is the U-niverse app, which Kyle uses to get the girl of his dreams (Olivia Holt), a Julia Styles-Mandy Moore hybrid, and save himself from the evil hockey jock (Gregg Sulkin) and an overly jealous gay guy (Markian Tarasiuk).

Directed by Scott Speer and written by Jason Filardi (“17 Again”), “Status Update” is predictable; you’ve seen this high school comedy plot a thousand times, including the “be careful what you wish for” shtick. But the shallow, recycled entertainment works because of the witty screenplay and the likeable and hilarious characters (especially the adults in the film).

The movie also uses stereotyping as a springboard for its sardonic humor. This underrated film is almost a self-depreciating fare, a parody of teenage archetypes, unselfconsciously making fun of superficial personas, and the result is unpretentious and playful comedy. A recommended popcorn entertainment if you seriously need a good laugh.

3.5 out of 5 stars
Showing in select Philippine cinemas