P39 a kilo well-milled rice hit Metro Manila markets


CONSUMERS in Metro Manila can now buy well-milled rice at a lower price of P39 a kilo following the appeal of President Rodrigo Duterte with rice traders to bring down prices of the grain.

Duterte met with rice traders in Malacañang recently and made the appeal. During the meeting, the rice traders agreed to allot 700,000 sacks of rice for the National Food Authority (NFA) to beef up its dwindling rice stock.

Prices of well-milled rice in Metro Manila market range from P40 to P60 a kilo. Many consumers turned to the NFA, which sells non-well-milled rice at P27 a kilo and well-milled rice at P38 a kilo, quickly depleting its stock.

Duterte also gave the go signal for the NFA to import rice to replenish its stock.