Portals and timelines


IF THERE is such a thing as a time machine, would you use it to go back in time and change things from the past? What would you change, and why?

This seemingly paradoxical question of beaucon-esque proportions may elicit a lot of answers, mostly on a personal basis – things like ‘I would study harder’ or ‘I should have gone along this direction instead of that,’ and so on.

But if you really think about it, if you had this time machine, would you use it to change history – a nation’s history, to be exact?

Well, for one, let me give you a background on what a time machine is and the concept of time travel – which some people believe to be possible.

As Wikipedia defined it, time travel is the concept of movement (such as by a human) between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space, typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine, in the form of a vehicle or a portal connecting distant points in time.

Scientific explanations, however, point to a theory stated by Albert Einstein which said one way to achieve time travel into the future would be to travel at the speed of light in space. The accepted theory is that one would have to build a space ship that can travel at the speed of light, and head out into space.

Now, before I go uber sci-fi on this space, I will go back to the question I posed earlier, what would you do if you have a time machine?

Would you change what happened in the past to suit your needs in the future? Or would you rather just cruise to the past and the future just to merely observe the events that happened or just unfolding before you?

I don’t mind voicing out that if I do have a time machine, I will look into the past once more, relive my mistakes and then go back to the present knowing that I have learned something from it. Maybe it’s as good as repenting, but we will never really know, since nobody has proven that time travel is possible, or unless it is, nobody from the future is coming back to announce that they are indeed from the future.

Meantime, the only time machine that I have is at home, waking me up when the time has come to go back to work.

If only I can turn back time, I’ll go back to sleep.