Boracay closed? Come to Camiguin


TOURISTS eyeing Camiguin Island as an alternative to Boracay, which would be closed to visitors for six months for rehabilitation, can enjoy things that the latter don’t have.

The island province situated in the Bohol Sea and about 10 kilometers off the northern coast of Mindanao is “laid back”, said Department of Tourism (DOT-10) Director Marie Elaine Unchuan.

“There are no bars there (Camiguin), there is some nightlife but there aren’t really no DJs (disc jockeys) there like we do in the night circuit here in CDO (Cagayan de Oro),” Unchuan said, referring to this region’s capital.

“Camiguin doesn’t have much in terms of modern tourist amenities that Boracay has,” Unchuan also said.

Unchuan said that Camiguin has three resorts catering to high-end tourists with a combined total of less than a hundred rooms.

Combining all other places to spend for a night along with home stays, Camiguin can offer as many as 200 rooms.

However, tourists may still find the variety of local and international cuisines interesting, Unchuan said.

Camiguin has “a lot of diverse gourmet like French, Vietnamese and other specialty restaurants,” she added. “And their hospitality field is one of the best because all the resorts’ staff are well-trained.”

Camiguin Rep. Xavier Jesus Romualdo had invited foreign and domestic tourists, whose bookings have been cancelled, to divert to Camiguin instead.

In 2017, DOT records showed that a total of 568,649 tourists visited Camiguin.

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