SENATOR Richard Gordon clearly is on the warpath on the Dengvaxia controversy.

The chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee recently revealed the draft committee report on the Dengvaxia investigations and implicated former President Benigno Aquino III, former Health Secretary Janette Garin and former Budget Secretary Butch Abad as the ones responsible for the deadly mess.

Gordon said Aquino and his cohorts should be held criminally liable over the P3.5 billion dengue vaccination program since this was done with undue haste and that they should be prosecuted for the possible deaths resulting from it.

The good senator’s intentions, not unexpectedly, met opposition – some from his peers and of course, from the ones recommended to be charged.

But the question remains: What’s the point of releasing a draft report when it can be rejected by other members of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee?

Senator Bam Aquino was too quick to defend the former President, saying that the move was politically motivated as the administration and its allies have made it a habit to treat the Liberal Party as its “favorite punching bag.”

And then there’s Senator Antonio Trillanes, who wasted no time in saying that the conspiracy cited by Gordon was all in his mind and the report was released as a stunt to harass the political opposition.

What’s really disturbing – as we see it – is that nobody seemed to care that children died because of the irresponsible and hasty implementation of the Dengvaxia vaccine.

Whatever Gordon’s intentions are, we should not forget that the accountability for the deaths will fall on those responsible for the implementation of the program.

Let us not add insult to injury by playing the blame game once again.

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