Improving standards of living

SHOPPING is a primary tourism activity in Dubai, UAE.

DUBAI – The United Arab Emirates has world-class amenities to offer to residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

No wonder, the UAE residents – and expats – have witnessed one of the highest improvements in quality of life last year, thanks to a number of these excellent facilities brought about by massive modernization.

Owing to these facilities such as world-class infrastructure, top-quality restaurants, airports, public transport, as well as recreational and entertainment facilities, the UAE has witnessed the biggest increase in standard of living — more than 12 per cent — in the region.

Many international companies have set up their regional headquarters here, causing an influx of expatriates.

These cities have also developed their tourism infrastructure and offerings, said David Anderson, president, Mercer’s Growth Markets Region.

According to Mercer’s Quality of Living 2018 index, quality of life improved 12.2 percent in Dubai, 12.1 percent in Abu Dhabi, 6.1 percent in Amman, 5.4 percent in Kuwait City and 2 percent in Manama in the Middle East region.

Dubai topped in the region and also maintained its 74th global rating worldwide in Mercer’s 2018 ranking, closely followed by Abu Dhabi (77), an increase of two points.

For city sanitation, an important factor in cities’ attractiveness, both the emirates were ranked 65th. Regionally, Muscat (70), Manama (93) and Kuwait City (99) made it to the top 100 list.

Romika Fazeli, founder and managing director of Emirates World Club, an elite-networking club, said Dubai is a multi-cultural city with a unique life style. It combines culture, tradition with excellent business opportunities.

Naveen Sharma, chairman, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Dubai Chapter), attributes the high ranking for Dubai in terms of quality of life to world-class restaurants, skyscrapers, 5-star hotels, supermarkets, mode of entertainment available, etc.

Globally, Vienna maintained its top ranking for the 9th consecutive year, followed by Zurich, Auckland, Munich, Vancouver, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Copenhagen and Basel in the top 10 list.

Among other global cities, Toronto was ranked 16th, Singapore 25th, San Francisco 30th, Paris 39th, London 41st, New York 45th, Washington DC 48th, Tokyo 50th, Seoul 79th, and Kuala Lumpur 85th.

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