Alejano: PNP must draft subpoena powers IRR


REP. Garry Alejano called on the leadership of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to issue an implementing rules and regulation (IRR) on the subpoena authority given to the chief of the PNP and other officials.

Here follows Alejano’s complete statement:

“Recently, PNP Chief Dela Rosa insisted that there is no need to issue internal rules with regards to the subpoena powers given to the PNP Chief and two other top CIDG officials under the newly-signed RA 10973. He claimed that they would simply “use their conscience” in determining the issuance of these subpoenas. This is a rash statement coming from the head of the national police force.

“Instead of relying on arbitrary call of conscience, I urge the PNP to come up with a concrete and definitive Implementing Rules and Regulations which they need to consult on before issuing said subpoenas. Further, these rules would serve as the public’s reference point to hold them accountable.

“The objective of this law is to strengthen the PNP in the conduct of their mandate. The process and limitations governing this power must be clearly defined, else, it will only be seen as shortcut to be used subjectively by the PNP’s top officials. Having established rules and regulations would also clear the air of apprehension coming from the public which seeks safeguards against possible abuses of this power. ”



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