Manipulated election?


SO I have been binge-watching an American series, Scandal, for a couple of weeks now. Hell, I am currently at the sixth season, 10th episode and yet, more episodes to go before I could finally watch the Olivia Pope-Analise Keating banter over an issue.

And if you have already watched the show, you already have the perception that politics is dirty, and that elections could actually be rigged — come hell or high water.

Speaking of elections, do you think it is true that the last national polls were actually rigged?

It was revealed by Senate Majority leader Tito Sotto in his privilege speech, a couple of days now prior to this blog. Well, Sotto’s revelation did not come as a surprise (as for my case).


Do you remember a news report during the 2016 election day that allegedly there were some PCOS machines hidden inside a hotel in Cubao, Quezon City? Can you remember? If not, let Google refresh your memory.

But, that report was debunked by resigned Comelec Chief Andy Bautista right after the incident, saying there are no vote-counting machines in Novotel, which was incidentally owned by the family of presidential bet Mar Roxas.

But this curious mind of mine thinks that if there was none, how come a report so alarming had sprung out and even reached the press?

Did the Comelec really look for the machines keenly? Or they just checked?

These questions, ladies and gentlemen, if answered, could actually lead us in verifying or disproving the claim of Senator Sotto that the last national election was rigged.

Let us wait for a couple of days, or months, hoping that proper actions will be done in this matter.