Ong seeks longer OJT for senior high studes


LEYTE Second District Rep. Henry Ong has proposed that the minimum 80 hours of practicum or immersion training required of senior high school students be increased to 350 hours.

Ong reasoned that 80 hours is just two weeks of time on the job, which would not be enough for a senior high student to learn what needs to be learned.

“Two weeks really is not enough. It is plain and simple inadequate. The kids might just end up doing errands or menial tasks,” according to Ong in a statement.

“I urge the DepEd to REVISE the senior high school curriculum by lengthening the practicum or immersion component to AT LEAST 320 HOURS OF ACTUAL TIME OF OJT WORK. That would be at least two months of OJT and can be implemented during a summer term or some other time during the school year,” said Ong.

The details of the OJT should be at least similar to the Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES).

Ong also suggested to just merge the SPES into the senior high curriculum.

If more funding is needed to do it, the Department of Education can get it from their budget request, he said.

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