THE Holy Week is just around the corner.When we were kids, my father used to have us pray the rosary every six o’clock in the evening during Holy  Week. Right after hearing the morning Mass on Palm Sunday, he expected us to pray the rosary every night until Easter Sunday.

For us then, we looked forward to the Holy Week because it’s the week that we can sleep all day — save to watch those old movies about the Passion of Jesus Christ, where the face of the actor was never shown.

We also look forward to the eve of Good Friday, because it’s when we do the ‘Alay Lakad’, or walking from your house to grotto, and then sleep the whole day on Black Saturday and prepare for the annual Easter Sunday swimming.

We still look forward towards Holy Week, but this time, it’s mostly for rest. But we still do pray and hear Mass, although things are now quite different from what it used to be. If there’s a chance, then I would gladly go back in time to relive those days.

May the Lenten season enlighten every soul who seek repentance.