Meet the ‘loveless’ haranista

Jake Jacinto serenading. (MyPuhunan/Jakester photo)

AS THE famous line from the song of Parokya Ni Edgar goes “Uso pa ba ang harana?”, is serenading your loved one still “in” today?

Harana is the tradition of serenading prevalent in the good, old days in the country.

Traditionally, a suitor gathers a few of his peers and troops the house where the suitor’s lady lives where he offers heartwarming songs under the window at night.

As time passes by, this tradition is rarely done during the courtship period.

But thanks to for making this tradition alive, not only on Valentine’s Day but they can make every day a V-Day.

If you cannot serenade your partner this Valentine, can serenade your loved one for you.

Jake Jacinto, one of the talents of, has been single for almost four years.

But as one of the singers at, he never felt “loveless” every February 14 in the past six years.

Despite being single, he makes his V-Day productive by earning as he serenades the loved ones of their clients.

“I was fortunate enough to be part of since 2012. It’s the first and only professional serenade and surprise service in the Philippines that allows you to send traditional harana in a fun and exciting way,” Jacinto told the Philippine News Agency.

“We also have different packages that include singer/s — be it solo, duet, or trio — depending upon the request of the client. Then we have the guitarist, sometimes partnered with a violinist. We also come with a teddy bear and bouquet of flowers and video coverage provided by the company,” he said.

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