Swimming in E. Coli


RESORT owners were quick in criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte for calling the waters off Boracay Island as a “cesspool” of human wastes, saying that tourists may be turned off by the chief executive’s pronouncements.

Turning off tourists should be the least of the concerns of these resort owners because President Duterte has warned that he will have no qualms in shutting down Boracay as a tourist destination if the businesses in the island do not clean up their act.

A number of resorts had been found to be dumping their wastes and sewage into the waters off Boracay and they are now complaining that the President may not know the gravity of the problem that may arise from his “cesspool” comment”?

Precisely, the President knows how environmentally degraded Boracay has become for him to order the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to fix everything that’s ecologically wrong with Boracay within six months.

The environment cannot take the backseat to raking in profit from tourism. The bottom line is that the tiny island of Boracay is already groaning from the millions of people who visit it each year.

Come on. What’s the point of Boracay’s white sands if tourists there are swimming in waters green with algal bloom and fecal matter?