Trolls, be gone


TROLLS are not just under the bridge, they’re also in our Facebook news feed, brainwashing people through intentionally misleading facts that could destroy someone else’s image, or worse, to seed an idea which could divide the whole nation.

But what exactly are the roles of these social media trolls in making us realize that what we see is not really what we get?

My dear friends, trolls are fake people. What should we do to fake people? Do not ever trust them. Do not listen to them. Do not let them get inside your head and affect your perceptions in politics, governance, events, culture or whatsoever.

Trolls should be isolated.

Translating it to our social media etiquette, we, the citizens who are getting our news online, should be meticulous in what information we believe in. We should check if this is ‘legit’ by searching if the story is in Google or published by a credible and reputable media organization. We should be researching to validate if claims or information given are true.

It’s just like prying on your partner’s cellphone, and checking his Facebook messages just to verify if the love of your life is cheating on you or not, right?

Bottom line? Do not give into information posted online. Hindi lahat tama. Hindi lahat totoo. We have to step up our game in social media.

Validate first, before sharing content. Make it a habit.

Trolls, be gone.