Recycling station rises in UAE


UMM AL QUAWAIN, United Arab Emirates -– Construction companies have no reason anymore to leave their debris and waste materials in construction sites.

They need to bring them now to a specially-designated station for processing and recycling.

The big construction and demolition waste management station is located at the Al Medfaq and is being run by the Dulsco Company.

The department of public works and services has started operating a special station for handling construction and demolition wastes in Umm Al Quwain.

Musabih Humaid, director of the UAQ department of public works and services, said that the station has already started receiving the construction and demolition debris.

Humaid said the station, which recycles and reuses the waste in other infrastructure projects, is expected to significantly reduce the negative impact of these solid materials on the environment.

Humaid urged contractors and general transport companies to show full cooperation with the department, or face hefty fines.

UAE engineers welcomed the idea and are one in saying that proper management of waste will indeed help minimise their impact on the environment while a reuse of the recycled materials out of wastes will bring profit as well.

With the new initiative, construction industry professionals and building owners should be made aware of the beneficial reuse and effective strategies for identification and separation of wastes.

Organisations can assume responsibilities for the orderly, reasonable and effective disposal of building-related waste, promotion of public and industry awareness of disposal issues, and providing stable business-friendly environments for collecting, processing, and refurbishing of wastes, he stated.

Infrastructure has been the name of the game in the UAE for years, with more than a thousand buildings completed in 2017 alone, and more to be completed as the country continues its diversification efforts.