AFTER a string of protest that stemmed from the group’s malcontent on the Duterte administration’s efforts to curb crime, drugs and corruption, the so-called youth activists took to social media to air their grievances.

A Facebook video showed members of the group decrying the alleged “crimes” and the so-called “dictatorial rule” of the President that “suppresses freedom of speech and expression”, the usual script activists have.

But what irked me the most was when a member of the group suddenly blurted out that there is a new religion in town, and it is called “Iglesia ni Digong” wherein, and I quote, “na kung saan ang Diyos Amang makapangyarihan sa lahat ay ang Tatay Digong

Well, let me stop you right there.

If you follow the logic of Anakbayan, then the group’s analogy of ‘Diyos Ama’ pertaining to ‘Tatay Digong’ is simply blasphemous. They are decrying that the President is a dictator, a ruthless leader and an oppressor, but they are likening him to God, as what that idiot is blabbering about while waving a photo of Jesus Christ with the President’s face pasted over Christ’s face.

Jesus Christ, man
 talk about loony.

But to cut it short, if I understood where they were coming from, a question formed in my mind: Were they insinuating that God is a dictator, a ruthless leader, and an oppressor?

Does Anakbayan realize that almost the whole country’s population are made up of Roman Catholics and this little stunt they are pulling may trigger the people who are ‘Sarado Katoliko’?

What can the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines say about this? This is getting out of hand. It’s bordering on stupidity  really.