Aliens on Mars


YES, there are aliens, or at least alien technology in Mars. And they’re of human  origin after the most powerful rocket ever launched Earth-side, the Falcon Heavy, sent a Tesla roadster with a human dummy into orbit around Mars.

Decades back, we earthlings sent into space a video/audio disc representing our civilization, including a song by the moptop, the Beatles. Whew! We’ve really come a long way with booster rockets coming back to safe landing on pods instead of becoming space junk!!!

Our hope then and our hope now with the Tesla roadster floating in Mars is that aliens – think of those horned Bozanians in Voltes V or Star Wars, or Battlestar Galactica or Mars attack – will look kindly on us puny humans and not destroy us.

Seriously, I challenge you to watch the Falcon Heavy video and dare you not to have goose bumps. Makes us proud to be humans – with our imperfections, with our warts and all. And hey, that’s David Bowie singing Life on Mars, too. How can we go wrong?

Watch, watch, watch, people and be informed why there may soon be life on Mars – Us, You and I.