Gestapo towing tactic


THE Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) should investigate the gestapo-like tactic employed by the crew of a NIB Towing Services truck around noon of Feb. 7, 2018 along the Roxas Boulevard service road turning right to Buendia, Makati,

This should be easy if the MMDA wants to as it only has to contact the owner of a white van which the said towing firm just hauled off even if its driver had just alighted and even if the van’s engine was still running.

A NIB crew immediately took the driver’s seat and slammed the door on the van’s driver who could only watch helplessly as his vehicle was taken in mere seconds by the tow truck sans any warning that should have been given first.

The MMDA has already suspended several of its accredited towing firms for towing vehicles although the offending drivers were present and could have been admonished first to move their vehicles so as not to obstruct traffic.

What the NIB crew did was heavy-handed which was just a tad short of carjacking. Let’s see if something will come out of this. We just hope the driver of the van would file a formal complaint against the said towing firm.