Drama king


THE drama continues at the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the P6.4 billion worth of shabu shipment that allegedly breezed through the Bureau of Customs, with Blue Ribbon Committee chairman Senator Richard Gordon and former BOC commissioner Nicanor Faeldon trading barbs anew over the weekend.

Gordon lashed out at Faeldon and even against Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, on the issue of Faeldon’s acquittal from the case involving the shabu smuggling when Faeldon was still the Bureau head during the resumption of the Senate investigation.

The feisty senator told Faeldon: “Your arrogance, your defiance, your demeanor is consistent and your kind of character is your problem. When we feel that you are really guilty, we will call the Ombudsman and the proper government agencies to investigate further for the necessary charges.”

Faeldon, for his part, accused the senator of not being keen at getting to the bottom of the issue and making it appear that he was not willing to participate in the Senate inquiry. He said it with such conviction that it looked like he can be nominated as the new drama king.

Though visibly irked, Gordon remained on track and posed the correct questions, saying that if the poor, who were merely suspected of involvement in shabu were relentlessly killed under the government of President Rodrigo Duterte, it would be greatly difficult to accept that Faeldon was allowed to go scott free from the charges against him and his men about the P6.4 billion worth of shabu.

The verbal tussle resulted to Faeldon being transferred at the Pasay City Jail for contempt. But the former BOC chief still enjoys some level of immunity from the DOJ, since he was appointed assistant secretary in the Office of Civil defense.

But with all these drama and brouhaha, the pertinent and important questions remain: Who are the persons behind the shipment, and the real involved persons in the BOC? Who is that Tita Nani, who still remains mysterious?

If Faeldon really has knowledge in any of these questions, then he should just answer direct to the point and come clean. He cannot forever remain evasive, or act that he has nothing left to say or do but be Sen. Gordon’s nemesis. This investigation cannot drag on like this.

If those involved will still dilly-dally on what they truly know, then they are not only doing a disservice to the public, but they are wasting taxpayer’s money with the show they are putting on.