Decoding Duterte’s words


HAVE you ever heard President Rodrigo Duterte cursing? Or even threaten to kill people?

Of course you did. It was like a soundbyte in the news broadcast, and a normal thing to be read in newspapers and online sites since 2016.

That is why, up until this time, critics are insisting that the President has not been acting like a statesman, which is perfectly opposite to what his supporters think.

Just like this statement that ‘shookt’ the world the first time Duterte stated it:
If you destroy my country, I will kill you.

Digging up inside the mind of a critic, that statement is alarming. No president prior to Mr. Duterte ever dared to utter that, and it did not embody the ‘contemporary Filipino values’ – which is why most of the people have fallen into their seats the moment they heard it.

But looking into the lens of a Duterte supporter, that statement is a ‘fatherlike’ promise.

“If you destroy my country, I will kill you.”

For his supporters, Duterte’s words are like a solid shield that keep the monsters away from destroying the country.

This strong statement of the Chief Executive reflects his wholehearted commitment to his country and his people. People like Duterte are individuals ‘na kaya kang ipaglaban hanggang patayan.’

No wonder, his supporters called him Tatay Digong.

But what really is the point of this blog?

Well, this is to remind you that your interpretations on a particular message, thing, event, are not — and will never be — the same with the people around you.

Keep that in mind. Happy Monday!