Kabayan solon pushes transfer of gov’t seat to Davao City

Davao City

HOUSE Assistant Majority Leader and KABAYAN Party-list Rep. Ron P. Salo on Thursday pushed for the transfer of the seat of government from Manila to Davao City.

“With Mindanao emerging as the new economic and social powerhouse of the Philippines, it would be most opportune that the new seat of the federal government be in Davao City,” said Salo, who chairs the House Constitutional Amendments Committee.

“With the ongoing discussion on the draft federal constitution, this advocacy for Davao City as the political capital of a Federal Philippines is timely and relevant,” said Salo.

Salo said he and fellow KABAYAN Rep. Ciriaco Calalang asked Duterte to certify as urgent our new bill entitled Philippine Capital Relocation Act of 2018 or House Bill No. 6968.

HB 6968 seeks to be built in Davao City a National Government Center, which shall be the new location of the Presidential Palace, Vice-Presidential Palace, Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, Constitutional Offices and national offices of government agencies.

The KABAYAN Party-list is strongly pushing for this transfer of the seat of government to Mindanao, to Davao in particular, to enable the national government to unequivocably give substance to what the House Constitutional Amendments Committee properly referred to as dispersal of resources and power away from Imperial Manila and to the rest of the country.

Relocating and separating the seat of government from other centers is followed by the two economic superpowers: The United States of America (USA) and China. In the USA, Washington D.C. is the country’s political capital, while New York is its financial capital. In China, Beijing is the country’s political capital, while Shanghai is its financial capital.

“Relocating the seat of government and separating it from the financial centers will address the destructive effects of traffic in Metro-Manila. This will prevent heavy losses in businesses and will significantly lessen travel time which can be spent for other productive activities,” Salo said.

“Transferring the seat of government will allow us to plan well the new government center where our people will go to just one place when they deal with the government akin to a one-stop shop,” the Kabayan congressman said.

“Transferring the seat of government also means that it will prevent the further rise in population due to unmitigated migration, congestion and urban blight which hamper further development. It will also help arrest the continued rise of prices both in housing and other properties for sale and for rent,” said Salo. p: wjg